Sound as a Gateway to Healing

Introduction : 

The human body is sustained by Life Force energy (Chi) which creates electromagnetic fields within and around its physical structure. The Body Electric is a very meaningful and probably familiar phrase in this respect to describe the human energy fields which are often referred to as the aura.

The electromagnetic fields within the physical body can be detected using conventional medical equipment for example in ECG and EEG scanning.

Outside the physical body they are known collectively as the metaphysical levels and their existence can be detected and proven by applying special processes using advanced photographic technology.

This electromagnetic energy, which is outside the scope of current scientific and conventional medical knowledge, flows into and throughout the body via an energy pathway made up of the primary chakra system and the secondary meridian system. These energy distribution circuits comprising fourteen main meridians are fed directly from the chakra system.

The main chakra system is made up of seven high energy vortices or rotating centres located on the centre/midline of the body and these form the main downline transformers from which the high vibrational energy is absorbed into the body. It is then fed through and distributed as lower vibrational energy into the meridian circuits (see chakra and related meridian diagram).

Along the distribution network of the meridian system there are 330 main acupoints near to the surface of the body and 659 in total. These are also considered to be mini-downline transformers or chakras in themselves, able to absorb and transfer energy into the body directly.

The chakras have a vitally important influence on health generally and are physically located over the main nerve plexus points of the body. The points of their location match those of the equally important endocrine glands connecting directly with the life blood. These glands normally have the last say when health starts to decline as they are always involved at some level of any dysfunction that manifests on the physical level.

The aura or metaphysical levels contain the complete blueprint of all the information relating to the physical body. As a result, therefore, dysfunction and imbalances always show up on these levels long before they manifest themselves in the actual physical body itself.

Each chakra has a relationship and affinity to particular meridians but there is also an interconnection and relationship between all meridians and all chakras which operate in accordance with the cycles of Creation and Destruction (see Seven Stellar Gateways to Healing diagram).

By definition every organ, tissue, gland and cell in the body is fed with the vital life force energy which originates directly from these main energy systems.

Good Vibrations

In terms of the order of events, vibration or sound plays an important part in our make up. It literally forms the backbone of our being, for everything including the spinal column itself is made up of matter of varying densities vibrating at varying rates. The vibration rates in the lower scale are normally expressed in cycles per second (cps) or Hertz (Hz) and would include the musical scales that we all are familiar with; for example the Note C generally equates to 256 Hz.

The higher scale would bring these vibrations into the realms of actual colour and because of the enormity of the number if it were to be expressed in cycles per second they are normally expressed in Nanometres (Nm). For example the densest colour red equates to 680 Nm. or 4. 6 trillion cycles per second (4.6 x 10 to the power of 14).

Notwithstanding this, the note C and the colour red are intrinsically the same. It is just the fact that they reflect different octaves of essentially the same vibratory scale, the colour being 40 octaves higher than the musical note. We cannot hear colour but we can see it; conversely we cannot see sound but we can hear it and feel its vibrations through our different senses, which we use to absorb the various effects it has on us at each level.

An even lower octave of the note C would equate to the vibratory rate of the planet Earth itself at 7.83 Hz (cps) and this fact demonstrates the cosmic relationship of sound and the holographic qualities that make up the Universe. Everything in the whole is in the piece of the whole; sound is no exception to this Law. Therefore sound is in us, as much as it is in the Universe in which we exist - our destiny is therefore to be at one with it at all times.

As human beings acting as a microcosmic element we have evolved and constantly strive to function in complete harmony with ourselves and our surroundings. This means that we are programmed to play a full harmonic octave of notes just as do the planets that make up our cosmos and no doubt the universe or macrocosm at large does. It is all relative, therefore, but on different scales.

If we want to be in tune with the universe we need to be in tune with ourselves or vice versa. It makes no odds which way you go about achieving this goal - removing the obstacles and blocks by the process of transmuting, transforming, transcending and dissolving the negativity which prevents us in achieving this goal is what it is really all about. Unconditional love for ourselves and others is a good starting point in opening up the gateway to healing.

The Truth and the Light - the Origin of Matter

In the Beginning there was only Darkness and from this great void came Eternal Light. From the interplay of light and dark the two opposing forces of Yin and Yang created colour in all its glory. From the trinity of colours of the spectrum came sound and the musical octaves the sustainer of our soul, which gave birth to form the backbone of matter the lowest of all the vibratory rates in the known universe.

Here is where we are and will always be in the order of creation and in the manifestation of our Human Spirit and Being - as a drop in the sea of vibration and at the end of the Rainbow that gave us life.

Abandon all complex tools - they are misconceptions.

All the brilliant discoveries and inventions of our times
Will be made with our minds and hands and senses -
Aided by simple tools and concepts.
This is the truth now as it has been throughout history.

Extract from Paul Williams - das energi

The Simple Concept of using Simple Tools

Having seen many complex ways to deal with the diverse aspect of healing the human body, I kept being drawn to the conclusion that for some reason complexity was linked with credibility in the evaluation of a method or tool to aid this process. Hence it seemed to me the more complex it was the more credible it appeared and unfortunately on the downside the more time consuming, inaccessible, cumbersome to use and often expensive it became.

The other factor which I felt was also often overlooked was the absence of the human element in the whole process of healing - no electronic gadget or machine for instance is ever in my view going to link up to its higher self and replace those qualities - they can only be tools in the equation and no more.

The sound vibration produced from tuning forks is an extremely powerful and effective yet simple healing tool which can bring about positive major shifts in the energy patterns within and around the human body. They act like a cleanser, transforming and dissolving the heaviness of dark negative energy in the aura and chakras. The sound vibration combined with the healer's own energy and intent has the ability to clear away these energy blocks quickly and effectively (see Trinity Formula at the end of the article).

The long ringing decay times and the sound the tuning forks produces has an ethereal quality about it which seems to linger and permeate the whole area in which they are being used. By contrast I am always acutely aware of the silence after them which seems to be more pronounced.
The person being treated will only ever take and absorb what vibrations they need from the treatment as does the therapist when using them. Sound is therefore a safe form of therapy to use and is particularly useful for young children who seem mesmerised by the effects on their senses. They have a universal quality about them which rises above language and normal communication methods.

They can be used with a laser like effect directing the energy into a small focused area for example in the centre vortex of a chakra or on a meridian point or painful area of the body. Alternatively they can also be used by just simply rotating them in a figure 8 infinity or spiral pattern to get the desired effect. They have a spiritual quality about them in the sound that they produce; an effect noticed by many of the healers that have used them to date.

The Acu-Sound tuning forks are each matched to the vibrational frequency of each of the fourteen basic meridians in the body and are colour-coded in Yin Yang pairs, the Chakra-Sound tuning forks are colour coded to the related musical/colour frequency that the chakra responds to.

The Harmonic Hologram

The forks are normally sounded (rung together in pairs) by tapping lightly against each other in the particular combinations which may be selected by the human biocomputer using standard kinesiology muscle tests or using dowsing and other simple selection techniques. The different sets of tuning forks act like a sound menu from which the best combinations may be selected according to the need at the time.

When two forks are rung together there is a holographic effect like two laser beams coming together to produce the third image, being the hologram.

When two notes on the tuning forks are sounded together, the brain hears three notes in reality as it differentiates between the two

frequencies to create the third that is not defined by the senses. This unheard holographic sound is an important aspect of trinity that has a pronounced part to play in the healing effect that the forks can produce. Multiples of the forks produce mysterious combinations of holographic sound with harmonics and overtones in them.

The forks use resonating multiple overtone sound energy combined with the therapist's own transmission of conducting healing energy when holding the forks. In effect they become an extension of the healer's hands and the combination of sound seems to amplify the overall energy levels being transmitted. The effect of this is that it can unblock and release the many types of stress or negative energy, which is felt between the forks as a heaviness, that may be stored within the various circuits.

They can be used for any type of energy imbalance that may exist on both the physical and metaphysical levels of the body. They are ideal instruments for dealing with emotional stress and trauma manifesting in the aura/chakra and meridian systems.

Selecting the correct Tuning Fork Combinations

The following are just some of the simpler ways in which the correct forks for the therapy may be selected (comprehensive instructions are available with each set of tuning forks).

1 The forks may be selected based on the symptomatic pattern of the person being treated; for example digestive problems relate to the stomach/ liver/gallbladder/small intestine and spleen/pancreas meridian forks or Chakra No 3 Yellow plus the White Cubit fork No 8 etc.

2 The person being treated or the therapist may select the forks intuitively as appropriate or all the forks could be rung in a simple set sequence. For example, the Chakra forks Nos 5/6/7 may be rung together to form the trinity of Throat, Brow and Crown chakras.

3 The forks that are required for the person may be identified by dowsing over them together with the required area and duration for treatment on the body or in the aura as required.

4 The forks may be selected by kinesiology muscle testing the meridian Alarm points on the acupuncture system and this will give information concerning over or under energy in the relevant circuits.

5 Pain areas can be related back to the nearest meridian circuits passing through the area or the nearest chakra and the relevant forks can be selected this way.

6 The forks may be selected by kinesiology muscle testing the chakra and aura systems, checking particularly for chakra dysfunction; for example checking the spin, projection, balance, breaks, spasticity and shifting of the chakra at each level.

Background of Sound as a Therapeutic tool

Vibrational sound energy has long been known to be a potent source of healing therapy. In fact, it is of the highest order in terms of its effect in humans both on the physical and metaphysical levels (see hierarchy of remedies on Sublime planes/HEF diagram).

Sound and frequency are now recognised and used in a wide range of applications within the fields of conventional and complimentary medicine from ultra high frequency sound to extra low frequency sound (ELF) similar to brainwave patterns.

The human ear is capable of recognising sound generally between the range of 20 to 22,000 cycles per second. However the brain, the central processing unit of the body, is thought to recognise the presence of all sound and frequencies above and below these ranges on the subtle levels. These levels of human existence are not acknowledged by scientists and conventional medicine as their existence defies current known and accepted laws of physics and energy.
The Acu-Sound and Chakra-Sound tuning forks operate between 50 and 5,000 cycles per second and it has been seen that this range of sound energy has the ability to affect paralysed muscles and stimulate movement. It can also affect brainwave patterns, reduce pain and blood pressure and can revitalise the endocrine glands and the immune system to name but a few examples.

From these studies it has been shown that sound energy affects the trinity relationship of the bio-chemical, bio-logical and bio-energetic elements of the physical body.

Sound and the Sublime Planes of the Human Energy Field

The human body is a complex holographic living organism made up of varying levels of energy. The physical body is the most dense form of this lower vibrational energy and is referred to as matter. The state of the higher vibrational human energy fields known as the Sublime Planes or light bodies that surround the physical body are also made of matter and are of of great importance to the health and well being of the physical body.

The etheric plane or template is the closest to the physical body and the acupuncture system network and forms the direct link between them both.

Accessing into this level with tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the relevant fourteen main acupuncture meridians or the seven main chakra energy vortex centres can produce beneficial changes to the total Vital Force in the body and as a result can have a profound effect on health generally.

Sound has a powerful effect specifically on the mind or mental body and could be seen to form the therapeutic bridge between the lower vibrational energy fields of the physical, chemical, etheric and astral light bodies and the higher vibrational fields of the human life, divine and spirit elements (the Trinity Planes).

Re-tuning the body - The Holographic Octave

The human voice, which itself produces sound, can be therapeutic. It also contains a holographic representation of the whole human body and can be shown on a voice analyser to be missing in various frequencies necessary for good health. Replacing these frequencies on a therapeutic level by using Acu-Sound or Chakra-Sound tuning forks on a regular basis will literally retune the body and will help to replace these missing frequencies.

The tuning forks work extremely well with selection and direction using kinesiology muscle testing techniques and other simple procedures. Other methods involving acupuncture pulse testing, iridology, dowsing and intuitive selection procedures also work equally as well. The tuning forks are always used in pairs or even higher combinations in order to treat the acupuncture and chakra systems holographically.

Each tuning fork will resonate not only at its tuned frequency pitch but it will also contain the harmonics of the various combinations used according to the requirements of the body. There are literally hundreds of different combinations that can be used to
achieve the desired therapeutic effect in stimulating the natural innate healing processes within the body.

The ancient Chinese in their wisdom of the East discovered many thousands of years ago that all illness and pain is simply a disturbance or block in the flow of energy at some level within the human energy fields. Sound generated by tuning forks assists the body in dealing with this dysfunction by treating the acupuncture meridian and chakra systems with specific sound frequencies.

The Chinese also believed that there would come a time when humans would not be
recognised just by name but by their personal and very individual melody of notes they
were made up of and literally the fuller the octave of notes they emitted, the healthier
and more whole that person would be.

The Trinity Gateway to Healing

The Holy Bible equates the "Word" which is a form of sound with God and all creation. Sound energy therefore forms an important part as a gateway to healing. When the tuning forks are used as a tool in therapy the following trinity formula is effected as part of the healing process.

As outlined in the previous section a Trinity is a very special relationship of three factors that are in the unity of being or in operation acting as one - the Greatest of all is Father, Son and Holy Ghost.