Vital Sound

Vital Sound

Healing Tuning Forks
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This set comprises of 14 tuning forks tuned to the best vibratory frequencies that can help generally in the treatment of negative energetic imbalances in the body caused by illness and disease. The human body is sustained by energy referred to as the Vital Force the depletion of which can lead to stress and illness. The continual drain on the body’s energy reserves can cause it to become locked into a downward spiral of lowered vitality which can be helped with sound therapy and so aiding in the process of recovery from this negative pattern of ill health.

This set contains the following Tuning Forks:

  1. Lambda
  2. Mu
  3. Nu
  4. XI
  5. Omicron
  6.  Pi
  7. Rho
  8. Sigma
  9. Tau
  10. Upsilon
  11. Phi
  12. Chi
  13. Psi
  14. Omega