About Me & Dad

About Me & Dad

About Me

With my father as my inspiration I have been a holistic therapist since 1998. I practice a range of therapies including Kinesiology, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, Massage, Reflexology and Reiki healing.

It is my mission to continue and develop my father’s work and raise people’s awareness about the healing benefits of sound to correct all kinds of mental, emotional and physical imbalances within the body.

Having worked with many complementary therapies I truly believe that sound is the most precious yet simple healing modality available to us. As more people awaken to their true spiritual nature they will become fully conscious of the importance of sound healing for health and wellbeing.

I consider it a great honour to be able to continue to share his wonderful work.



About My Dad

Alan Sales was a pioneer within the field of complementary medicine, well recognised for his achievements.He specialised in the research of advanced Kinesiology muscle testing techniques, winning awards for his contributions to the growth and development of Kinesiology. He founded the Institute of Cyberkinetics a quantum leap in Kinesiology practice now popularly identified by the use of analogue muscle testing, Cyberkinetics is now recognised throughout the world and practised by many top Kinesiology health professionals.


Alan also had a huge passion for Sound Therapy and as well as teaching his tuning fork sound healing methods he also designed and developed his own specialist range of forks known as Healing Tuning Forks. These have since been used as a potent tool for energy healing. He developed over 25 individual sets for the healing tuning fork range over 15 years ago.  The Healing Tuning Fork brand is now well recognised and sold throughout the world. One of the highlights of Alan’s career was winning the 2005 Kinesiology Award presented at Keele University, for founding the new concept and system of Cyberkinetics and for his contribution to the growth and  development of Kinesiology.

Alan sadly passed away unexpectedly in 2009 aged just 57.  He will always remain in our hearts.


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