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by Alan Sales


It is my sincere hope that this web site will form a sourceof inspiration to all those who practice the continually evolving and almostmagical science of Kinesiology. In this regard I wish to acknowledge and give my specialthanks to the following people whom I regard as two of the greatest innovatorsand pioneers in Kinesiology who have inspired me greatly - namely the late Dr. Alan Beardall originator of Clinical Kinesiology and Richard Utt originator of Applied Physiology for their brilliant insight and inspirational work on theHuman Bio computer which has helped me enormously in my own research.

Whilst the views and information on this website may becontroversial to some - what is undeniable is that the feedback andtestimonials I have had from the many kinesiologists around the world who haveworked with the techniques on a Universal level is that it clearly represents a"Quantum Leap" in current Kinesiology practice and the understandingof Bio computer function.

I am sure that many times in the past the same things havebeen observed without a second thought and yet it is in this after process ofthinking that many of the greatest breakthroughs and discoveries have at lastmanifested as reality.

What has been apparent to me many times in my quest forknowledge and research is this:

"The careful process of observation is indeed a greatgift but fully understanding what you have observed is an even greater one"

What I have also learnt as a researcher is that the greatest obstacles to any progressive new innovation in Kinesiology is the very human characteristics of ego, complacency, fear of change and misunderstanding thatgoes hand in hand with a Binary system that appears to have been cast in stonefor half a century at least - I therefore take solace when the silence prevailsin the fact that inventing the wheel of Analogue Muscle Testing has been a lot harder for me than it will be for anyone else who wants to reinvent it oncethey finally realise that it makes pulling the cart a lot easier.

Notwithstanding this I fully accept that over the yearscurrent knowledge has served kinesiologists very well - but I also believe very strongly that it is now time to move on with an open heart and mind to the possibility of change which can after all benefit everyone involved.
Since the original inception of the concepts of basic Binary muscle testing by Kendall and Kendal in 1949 - there is no doubt in my mind at least that 50 odd years is a long time to wait for the Analogue bus to finally come along.

Alan Sales 2001
The Cybernetics Logo
The opening page into the web site depicts the CyberkineticsTrinity Symbol of three interconnected circles --- within each circle theCybernetic Man is shown in three forms of Dark Energy, Light Energy and Lightand Dark Energy combined.
The arm positions are shown in the three phases symbolisingthe Meta-Physical , Physical and Sub-Physical Sublime planes or elements of thehuman body"
I designed the Cyberkinetics logo from a dream which I hadseveral years ago and very recently I was given an interesting book calledDivine Intervention by Hazel Courteney Sunday Times Health Columnist about herparanormal and near death experiences which to my surprise contained thefollowing passage within it: -
"What I saw was the outline of a man --- black on oneside and white on the other, it was weird but I was not afraid "
Princess Diana answered with this explanation of the vision:
"Because there is good and evil, black and white, darkand light in every human being --- we are not what we seem"
Extract from book "Divine Intervention" by HazelCourteney

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