Thank you for dealing so efficiently with the order. Your Tuning Forks are the very best. We are all lucky to be able to reap the healing rewards, of the immense amount of research that has gone into creating your Tuning Forks.

Tim Wheater, Award Winning Composer and Sound Healer.

When working with clients, we regularly use the forks as a way of clearing energy to help the client to heal. We and students all around the world would never cease to be amazed at the gentle, powerful healing effects these forks help to make possible. They really are a blessing and we wouldn't want to be without them. 

Nic Oliver, Co-Developer, Integrated Healing.

I bought a set of Earth Sounds tuning forks from you a few months ago, which have proved to be a fantastic investment!

And you can quote me on that!

Sarah Payne

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Today was another deeply special day in my life. Why you may ask...because a *very* special package arrived in my mail today.

As soon as I saw my package, I was so thrilled and excited that I held onto it, even took a photo of the packaging and the honorable Royal Mail!

Thank you for your devotion, love and light into helping this world become a much more beautiful place with yourself and your Father's passion! Thank you deeply.

Today I used the forks on my husband and my cousin, both of which have very loving energy. Their feedback was so inline with my own. To be able to sync up the vibration of each chakra and musical note touches our souls like nothing I have ever experienced before. It was truly magical.

After my initial blessing on the package, with such excitement, I proceeded to open and unroll my new instruments which literally feel & sound like they've been blessed by the heavens!!!

Wow...Thank you so much Donna!

With love & gratitude, Paul

I would like to express my appreciation and share the wonderful experience of using your "Meridian Healing with Sound" CD in my practice.

I play the tracks either on their own - through stereo speakers during a Shiatsu session - or in conjunction with my sound healing instruments. (Tibetan ans crystal singing bowls) in a Sound Healing setting.

The tracks, frequencies also compliment the OM tuning forks perfectly well - when focusing on a localised problem. Both methods of using this CD, works a treat - every time!

I also play a specific meridian track on the repeat mode, allow it to merge with the ambient sound of the crystal singing bowls, healing the receivers etheric body before reaching their physical. The first thing that is immediately noticeable is that the receiver enters into a Theta state quite early in the treatment giving them more time to process the healing sounds. Also nearer the end of the session the brightening of their complexion denotes that the meridiananal sounds have worked their wonder!

The frequencies transmitted from each track are very deep yet gentle, helping the client to receive a specific shot of the sonic energy relevant to meridian in need and achieving an overall balancing of all 14 meridians  (evident through their Hara diagnostic area)

Interestingly while I've been treating a client with liver meridian imbalances, I noticed that my own liver diagnostic zone (which used to be tight and tender to touch) was healed completely.

Thanking you and your Dad for such a wonderful creation.

Love and Light Shakeh.

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