• Acu Sound (Principle Meridians)

Acu Sound (Principle Meridians)

This comprises 14 tuning forks tuned to the vibratory frequencies of the key principle meridians of the acupuncture system.  The forks are matched in yin/yang pairs and are used to balance the crucial meridian energy pathways of the body with sound therapy.  The meridian circuits have a direct relationship to the main organs and the endocrine glandular system.  The optimum performance of the meridian system is essential to the general health and well-being of the body as blockages in these circuits can lead to pain and disease in the body.


This set contains the following Tuning Forks:

1. Central Vessel

2. Governing Vessel

3. Stomach

4. Spleen

5. Heart

6. Small Intestine

7. Bladder

8. Kidney

9. Pericardium

10. Triple Heater

11. Gall Bladder

12. Liver

13. Lung

14. Large Intestine


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Acu Sound (Principle Meridians)

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