• Muscle Sound

Muscle Sound

This comprises 18 tuning forks tuned to the vibratory frequencies of all the main muscles of the body.  These forks are used to balance the various muscle circuits as defined by kinesiologists which have a direct relationship with the meridian, organ and glandular systems directly.

This set contains the following Tuning Forks:

1.  Supraspinatus

2.  Teres Major

3.  Pectoralis Major Clavicular

4.  Latissimus Dorsi

5.  Sub- Scapularis

6.  Quadriceps Vast. Med

7.  Quadriceps Vast, Lat

8.  Anterior Tibialis

9.  Sacrospinalis

10.  Psoas

11.  Gluteus Medius

12. Teres Minor

13.  Sartorius 

14.  Anterior Deltoid

15.  Pectoralis Major Sternal

16.  Rhomboids

17.  Middle Deltiod

18.  Tensor Fasciae Latae


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Muscle Sound

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