• Amino Sound

Amino Sound

This set comprises of 21 tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the essential amino acids in the body which are the fundamental constituents of all proteins and which make up the building blocks of life. These tuning forks may also be used in conjunction with the RNA/DNA genetic tuning fork set.


This set contains the following Tuning Forks:

1. Alanine

2. Arginine

3. Asparagine

4. Aspartic Acid

5. Cysteine

6. Glutamine

7. Glutamic Acid

8. Glycine

9. Histidine

10. Isoleuceine

11. Leucine

12. Lysine

13. Methionine

14. Phenylalanine

15. Proline

16. Serine

17. Terminators

18. Threonine

19. Tryptophan

20. Tyrosine

21. Valine


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Amino Sound

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