• Body Sound

Body Sound

This comprises 23 tuning forks tuned to the main organs and other physical constituents, for example the blood and lymph system of the human body.  They are tuned to the normal healthy frequency of each physical element which can by the process of resonance be used to re-balance the organ back to a more positive energetic state.  If an organ is under stress or is diseased, it becomes out of synchronisation with the rest of the body and starts to resonate at a frequency below its normal healthy state.  This in turn affects the pattern of all of the other organs as they attempt to compensate for this upset in the harmonic pattern of the body.

This set contains the following Tuning Forks:

1. Stomach

2. Pancreas

3. Urinary Bladder

4. Gall Bladder

5. Large Intestine

6. Lungs

7. Skin

8. Small Intestine

9. Cellular Fat

10. Brain

11. Uterus

12. Liver

13. Kidneys

14. Blood

15. Muscles

16. Testes

17. Bone

18. Spleen

19. Lymph

20. Eyes

21. Nose

22. Ear

23. Heart


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Body Sound

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