• Chakra Sound

Chakra Sound

This set comprises of 8 tuning forks tuned to the vibratory frequencies of the main Chakras which are located on front and back of the body.  These spinning centres consist of Vortices of high energy coming directly into the body from the Sublime Planes known collectively as the Aura or Human Energy Fields which connect on the Physical level into the distribution network of the Meridian pathways.  The optimum performance of the Chakra System is essential to general health and well-being as energy blockages in them lead to many aspects of dysfunction across the bioenergetic, biochemical and biological elements of the body.


This set contains the following Tuning Forks:

 1. Root/Base

2. Sacral

3. Solar Plexus

4. Heart

5. Throat

6. Brow/ Third Eye

7. Crown

8. Cubit



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Chakra Sound

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