• Acu Sound [Secondary Vessels]

Acu Sound [Secondary Vessels]

This comprises 8 tuning forks tuned to the vibratory frequencies of the reservoirs or vessels of the acupuncture system. These forks are also matched in yin / yang pairs and are used to balance these circuits which have the ability to act as a storage back up system to take excess capacity from the meridians which effectively charges them up. This spare capacity can then be released into the system when energy is required. Balancing the vessels has a normalizing effect on the principle meridian system also.

The Tuning Forks contained within this set are as follows:

1, Vital

2, Belt

3, Mobility Yang

4, Mobility Ying

5, Regulating Yang

6, Regulating Yin

7, Central Vessel

8, Governing Vessel

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Acu Sound [Secondary Vessels]

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