Hormone Sound

This set comprises of 32 tuning forks covering the frequencies of all the main Hormones of the Endocrine system which affects every function in the human body.  They are ideal for treating hormonal energetic problems particularly as production of all types of Hormones which are chemical messengers to activate or deactivate function in the Endocrine and Exocrine System and which is a vitally important element in maintaining control and regulation of homeostasis and good health generally. 


This set contains the following Tuning Forks:

1. Progesterone

2. Oestrogen

3. Testosterone

4. Melatonin

5. Serotonin

6. Pinoline

7. Thyroxine (T4)

8. Tri-idothryronine (T3)

9. Thymine

10. Adrenaline

11. Cortisone

12. Thyroid Stim Hormone

13. Thyrotrophic Rel Hormone

14. Noradrenaline

15. Follicle Stim Hormone

16. LH

17. Prolactin

18. Thymosin

19. Parathyroid

20. Cortisol

21. Corticosterone

22. Insulin

23. Glucagen

24. Adrenocortico Trophic Hormone

25. Dehydro-epiandro-sterone

26. Vasopressin

27. Oxytocin

28. Human Growth Factor

29. Pregnenalone

30. Aldesterone

31. Andesterone

32. Prostaglandins


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Hormone Sound

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